Five Arch Bridge

Painshill Park, Surrey

Valley Builders were engaged by the Trust to re-create this bridge in all its splendour.

Five Arch Bridge was designed in white reinforced concrete with a feature finish to imitate the stone-like original. A requirement of the design was that the final appearance would not show the ply finish associated with traditional reinforced concrete so great attention was paid to forming the traditional arch forms.

The bridge was one of our most challenging jobs to date, one that could not be rushed. Operating from marine deposits and piled foundations, a flat scaffold deck was initially supplied for access and then later used as the support for the arch form itself. The design had to limit deflections in all components, so the pour rate and sequence was planned to minimise out of balance forces.

The arch itself did not suit modern steel forms and was designed as a half cartwheel supported from the piers on either side.

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